Maand: april 2014

banana package

It was time for me to buy some fruit. And now that I have some fruit I just did not know what to do with it. Shall eat eat the regular way or shall I make a smoothie with this fruit? I just did not know what to do.It’s very cloudy outside and it rains […]

Kingsday Smoothie

Happy Kingsday everybody! It’s the first Kingsday here in Holland so time to make a Kingsday smoothie. To be honest it’s not really my favourite smoothie but it’s orange and healthy! All you need to do is put some carrots and pure orange juice into a mixer en mix it till you’ve got a smooth […]

Cauliflower Leek Soup

A couple of days ago I’ve made a yummie soup. I love cauliflower and my hubby also, so I’ve tried to make a delicious soup of it. It will take some time but it’s not that hard to make. You’ll need: 2 tbsp olive oil  40 grams of butter  3 leeks into pieces  1 large […]

Chocolate fudge

I’ve found a new recipe and now I’m really addicted. Sometimes I’ve got a huge chocolate craving. And last time I’ve made a delicious quinoa brownie. Now it was time to make a chocolate fudge. We all know fudge with caramel flavour but this one is with 100% cacoa. It’s also a healthy snack. But […]

strawberries, rhubarb cobbler

In an earlier blog I’ve told you that a friend of mine came by for a little lunch so I’ve made a strawberries, rhubarb cobbler. A cobbler is a pastry which consists of a layer of fruit, wich has a layer of dough on it. Rhubarb May not be the most popular vegetable on the produce […]

When I'm sad I go shopping

Yesterday I went to the gynecologist and she was not nice at all. She told me that my tummy hurts and my bleedings are a way to get attantion and that it’s only my imagination that I have that. I was so mad I could cry. How can she say such of things? Like if […]

Quinoa Brownie

Sometimes you crave for something sweet with chocolate… But must of those things are really unhealthy. Now I’ve found a recipe that is healthy, sweet and it tastes like chocolate. A quinoa chocolate brownie! It’s gluten and sugar free. I’ve tasted it and it’s very smooth and it stops my chocolate cravings, a well known […]

Red Curry Chicken

New recipe you can try out.  There are 2ways to prepare this dish. If you are in a hurry you can use the readymade red curry sauce.  But if you’ve got plenty of time you can make it for yourself it’s not that hard. coconut milk, 5-6 dried chillies, garlic, lemongrass, shallots, coriander.  Mix everything till it’s […]

Healthy granola

I’ve made a healthy granola (in dutch also known as cruesli). If you buy granola in the store they are not so healthy as it looks like. They added a lots of fats and sugars to it that you better can eat a bar of chocolate. But you can make it of your own a […]

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