Maand: juni 2014

Johnny cakes

WOW I’ve found an such easy recipe. An Antillean a recipe: Johnny cakes. It’s looks like little breadballs and you can fill them with everything you like. Only you must frie them. So it’s not 100% healthy. But this is how I make them. What you’ll need: 1 pound of spelled flour  1 tbsp baking powder  […]

TAG: pregnancy questions

Yeah I’ve found apregnancy tag on madebymalou her blog. How great is that? After a time of silence because I had to visit the hospital a lot and Last week I was laying in the hospital it’s time for a new blogpost. So I start with this one. A tag with pregnancy questions :D. Enjoy!!! How many […]

spiced cauliflower from the oven

I love cauliflower and not only with cooked patatoes.  This recipe is very simple and it’s such a yummy snack for the evenings. Preheat the oven on 200 degrees. What you need is some, olive oil, cauliflower and cajun spices and chilli spices. I’ve dipped the cauliflower in the olive oil because the seasoning will […]

Patatoes from the oven

I’ve wanted to post this recipe for a very long time. It’s been a while that I’ve made these. This is also an easy recipe only it takes some time when the patatoes are done. The only thing you need is: Some patatoes olive oil pepper and salt Preheat the oven on 220 degrees. Scrub […]

Home made Bounty candy bar

We all know the sweet candy chocolate bar bounty. It takes us to a magicall place with white sand beaches, palmtrees and a bleu see. Now the summer is nearly here a bounty snack taste good with this feeling. Sitting by a pool dreaming away. Well I must say dream on. There are no white […]

Stuffed Brasilian avocado

Are you ready for the world cup 2014??? Well I am. Wich country do you think that’s gonna win? 4 years ago we were facing Spain in the finals. I’m curious who’s going to win now. This Friday we must compete against Spain again, I’m wondering if we gonna win this game haha. So it’s […]

Bbq time!

It’s bbq time!!! It’s warm, hot, sunny so time to make it cozy and put the bbq on. 1 of the fave things of bbq is my home made special chicken sate. It’s not normal chicken sate it’s made with love whahaha. Just kidding. Just cut the chicken in pieces and season with chicken herbs and […]

Food diary week 32

My second food diary. A bad week, I must say. Planning your healthy meals during hospital visits is damn hard. But I’ll try. 1-6-2014 9.30 coffee and outmeal 11.00 banana soy milk 13.00 some candy because my sugar was to low croissants with bacon and creamcheese 14.15 water 15.30 italian ice cream 16.15 water 17.00 […]

Summer feelings

Food diary is comming asap.  Did not got time to write it. While I’m writing this I’m in the yard in the sunshine with my feet in the cold water. Don’t wanne think about hospital visits, pregnancy problems or something like that. Just nothing: chill, relax, peacefull. So I will post my new blog asap. […]

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