Maand: juli 2014

Stuffed apple

No this is not an apple pie. This is another version of my stuffed apple. But I think this one looks more festive for this season. What you need; 1 apple 2 tbsp honey 1/2 cup oats Some cinnamon Puff pastry Preheat the oven on 200degrees. Cut the top of the apple of. Hollow it […]

Shop till I drop

I know I’m not a fashion blogger but I like to show some stuff I bought. Now pregnancy is over I can get rid of my maternity clothing! Time to shop new clothes. But what? I read and hear things from mommies they buy clothes where their boob can pop out easily. That’s easy when […]

Guest blogger at: bloggers network

Couple of weeks ago I’ve wrote a blog for:bloggers network. A platform that makes sure that bloggers get the best out of their blogs! A great website for bloggers.  This website is in Dutch so it’s for the Hollanders out here ;). I’ve wrote an article about how you can keep your blog interesting.  It’s […]

nutella cheesecake

This is something different than normal. I know I love healthy food and stuff and I want to share healthy recipe with you guys. In my cheatmeal I’ve made this ones and people loved it. Last time my best friend came by with her boyfriend to see my babygirl I’ve made this also. It would […]

summer smoothie

   The Weather is nice and warm. Lets say 30 degrees. I really enjoy this warm weather.  But when it’s so hot you must drink enough! I drink a lots of water and this summer smoothie! You need: Pineapple Mango Strawberries And fresh mint Put everything in a mixer with some water and enjoy! I […]

Apple sandwich with peanutbutter fluf

On a lovely summer day I’ve made this apple sandwich with some yummie fluf. It’s a very easy recipe and for the peanutbutter lovers under us this is just YUM!!!! You’ll need: 1 apple cinamon greek yoghurt peanutbutter For the fluf: Mix the peanutbutter and the greek yoghurt. (well that’s easy huh?) remove the core […]

Pray for MH17

Goodbye darling, Goodbye friend, Goodbye neigbor on the other end. Goodbye colleague, Goodbye child, We’re going to a a place here near by. Goodbye pilot, Goodbye little son. Hoping to be loved again whole days long. Last words, last goodbyes, Before you step into that airplane and fly high in the sky. Never knew, never […]

Coffee cocktail!!!

Last year I’ve made such a great icecream cocktail with a good friend of mine!  He saw this recipe in a magazine and we are 2 coffee addicts so we really have to try to make this. There is only one thing, or maybe 2: this is NOT a healthy recipe and it’s NOT pregnancy […]

Peanutbutter nutella fudge

This recipe is so easy to make. And good for your peanutbutter cravings!  I use it if I feel like I want a cheatmeal. Yum yum. Peanutbutter, nutella fudge… The funny domino forms comes from the chocolate mold I’ve bought ones at the Action. They have there fun, great and cheap stuf for in the […]

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