Maand: augustus 2014

who, what, Zwitsal.

I’ve told you allready about my bathing stuff but I did not tell you where I use it for. I’m not gonna lie that I’m a Zwitsal addict. So in this blog I will tell you about the products that I have (I’ve got new ones also).  Bathing oil. Sometimes I use this for in her bath. The […]

Not to do after giving birth

I’ve told you my labor story here allready. When I was laying in the hospital I’ve heard a lot of stories from the nurses. So there are really people who just have gave birth and want their phone to call someone that they have a little boy/girl. When my little girl was born we just can’t think […]

How the sun sees you

I know it’s raining outside. And it does not feel like summer at all. But did you use your sunscreen if the sun is shining? I use it the most of the times. But I must say I forgot it often also. Because I’m an Indo I do not get burnt that quick, but good […]

Bathing stuff

I’m curious… What kind of stuff do you use when you put your baby into a bath? And from what brand? I’ve always loved the smell of Zwitsal.  That smell gives me a trusted feeling. It reminds me when I was little, childhood, little sweet cute babies so innocent. So I’m not afraid to say […]

Like me on facebook

Not everybody got a bloglovin or blogger acount to stay tuned what I’m posting. But almost everybody got facebook now a days. There are 1,11miljard active users since 2013! So that’s the reason I’ve made a page about my blog. I will post when I drop something online on my blog. But I will also post […]

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