Maand: september 2014

Dream adventures

Do babies dream when they are sleeping? And what do they dream about? These are some questions I’m think off when I see my baby girl sleeping.. Is she dreaming that she’s a princess or a famous soccer player? Or does she dream that she can fly? Or does she dream about absolutly nothing? Queenie […]

Why I quit moddeling

Some may know and some don’t I did modelwork for a long time. Since 2013 I quit with it but I did not really explained why. I started model work because I feeled insecure I did not feel pretty or beautiful. When I did one shoot I’ve got so much compliments that I’ve kept going. […]

fried Brussels sprouts

There is thunder and lightning today! My 3 dogs are  upset because of the thunder. It’s raining pretty hard… You can say summer is really over. We’ve got a couple of great warm days last week but now it’s time to get those warm sweaters out of you closet! Put some romantic candles on and […]

Getting back in shape

I’ve getting lot of questions why I look so “good”after giving birth. Well I’ve got lucky I guess. I’ve worked out my whole life (swim, fitness, running, kickboxing) so my abs are pretty hard when I was pregnant. I used to work out 4 till 5 times a week or more. I’ve used supplements from gymfood and I […]

Fall fashion 2014

Yesterday I’ve showed some styles for this Fall when you are pregnant. But what if you are not pregnant or you have just gave birth and want to shop! Than you can add some Rock glam look in your wardrobe also! I will show you some styles what I should wear this upcoming season. So […]

Whats hot this fall in maternity fashion?!

I know I’m not pregnant any more. But I know from own experience that it’s hard sometimes to find fashionable maternity clothing.  This fall wear something sporty, rock, prints or a turtleneck. Here some examples! I love the sporty outfits. Comphy but fashiinable. Perfect when it’s almost your due date! 

Babies have skin hunger…..

Research shows that babies who have a lot physical contact are growing a lot better then babies who don’t have physical contact. New borns have needs of physical contact. They also call it skin hunger… Mid-80s showed that at an American hospital: incubator babies who were not touched, remained far behind in growth. Babies whose every night have their […]

A Fresh Give away!!!!

The sun is shining it’s almost weekend. So I’ve got good news for the Dutchies among us! You can win a gift card from €20,- that you can spend at: Hello Fresh! Hello Fresh does for you the shopping for three or five full meals and go find the best products for you. The products are […]

Zucchini fries

Healthy tasty fries. It is possible! This time I’ve made fries out of a zucchini. A yellow one! Also know as the golden zucchini. Zucchini is one of the very low calorie vegetables; provide only 17 calories per 100 g. It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Its peel is good source of dietary fiber […]

Vacation booked!

Finally we booked our vacation for in November. Our first vacation as a family. First vacation of our little girl. We’re excited! After 7months staying at home of work because of pregnancy, I go back to work in October. And in November I’ve got 2 weeks of vacation. Time to go away of the daley […]

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