Maand: februari 2015

30day ab challenge!

I wanted to do this a whole time ago. And I think March is a great month to start this.  A 30 day ab challenge! Who’s going to join me? What to do: For 30 days your going to do some exercises, ear clean and get lean. I’m not saying you will get a six […]

My Spring Fashion

Hello you guys, It’s time for another fashion post. In September I wrote a blogpost about Fall fashion ( here ) Now it’s time to show you what I think it will be hot to wear this Spring. This you can find at the H&M. ZARA This you can find at Jeanscentre. This you can shop online […]

Maternity clothing Spring

I still love to search to the web for maternity clothing. What’s hot and what is really NOT! It’s almost Springtime so the lovely pastel colors are coming back this season. Add some light, a little color and welcome the warmth! I will show you some ideas for maternity styles this Spring. These clothes you […]

The Liebster award

Hello beautifull people, I was nominated by happily haylie for the liebster blog award. Thank you for that!!!! What is the liebster award?  The Liebster Award is basically a kind of tag and you get nominated by a blogger that think you should gain more respect for your blog. It is to give smaller bloggers more recognition for […]

Having a cold and fever…

Damn my baby girl gots a cold whole weekend now my hubby got one also and me?  I’ve got a fever. Yikes. My body can’t resist all those virusses I guess. If someone got a cold then a couple of days later I’m sick.  But I’m still going. Taking more vitamins or eating some soup […]

Keep calm I blog on

It’s a a radio silence up here.  I’m busy with family and friends time. Enjoying my little baby girl. She grow so fast. She learn everyday something new.  She got 2teeth allready and she’s a pretty smart girl. I still work 4days a week. Ofcourse I miss my little baby but you must earn money […]

Coca cola facts!

The biggest brand I believe in the world! Coca cola… Everyone knows this sticky sweet drink and the most of you have been drinking it or just still drinking it. I’m one of those people who drinks a glass of this stuff so now and then. Not everyday like some people.  But finding out those […]

A models life

You all know why I quit modelling. The hard unreal world who only excist with perfect slim bodies. So hello photoshop! Who also was a victim of photoshop is Emily Sky.  A model in the past and now a beautifull fit and healthy woman. She shared a picture and her story about her photoshoot for […]

To do

Wow… Sorry you guys. I’m not posting much on my blog I was to busy with other things. Busy with work, family time, making new healthy meals.  And the best of all; preparing to make a recipe book! It will be a in Dutch so sorry guys if you don’t read Dutch. My recipe book […]