Maand: april 2015

Hotel Texel

Sometimes I see a lot of negative reviews on blogs… It’s great so I will read where I just NOT must go or must NOT buy. But it’s negative… And there is a lot of negativity in the world. At my work everything is negative also. You will never hear what you do well. Not […]

Big change

I want to make a change… Yes a change that will change my mood and stress level. I’m done with all the negative people. So I’ve said it…. At work, at social media just every where around me. There is a lot of negativity around the world so why make it worse to be negative? […]

My friend, my fitness pal

No I’m not talking about a gympartner I’m talking about a great app for your phone. I’ve heard about this app for the first when I did my nails. My nail lady (so I call her to people 😉 real name is Carla) talked about this app to loose weight. I don’t want to loose […]