A windy adventure

It was a nice and warm Sunday. 23degrees for in October , sun was shining and I’ve got a day off.
After some grocery shopping we’ve decided to go to the beach with our baby girl.
We’ve packed our jackets some baby stuff and 1dog (Baco) goes with us.
It would be 3 quarters driving. But with some diversions it take a little bit longer! After more then an hour we’ve arrived at Grevelingenmeer.
I had a baby carrier for our little girl. We saw some kitesurfers it looks amazing. 
But it was pretty windy and our baby girl starts crying when the wind blew in her face. So we walked out of the wind. But that was hard and everytime the wind blew in her face she cries and did not breath. It was so sad to see that, so we look for a place to drink something.
But we’ve forgot we’ve got baco with us haha he was so quiet this time. So we could not drink in a restaurant. We drove past a pavilion but you must get a parking ticket to stand there. What a bummer.
So we went back home.
Only walked for 15minutes but we had a fun 15 minutes walk. Only so sad for our baby girl that she did not like it. Maybe if she’s a little bit older.

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